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Nebraska SIDS Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to serving all individuals touched by the sudden, unexpected death of an infant.

Nebraska SIDS Foundation is the state-recognized program to which families and care providers affected by SIDS are referred to receive appropriate bereavement support. Primarily made up of volunteers who have been personally impacted by SIDS, our organization compassionately shares the facts about SIDS and connects those in need with services that assist the family unit and promote a sense of community.

In addition to providing support for people impacted, the Foundation is dedicated to increasing public and professional awareness of SIDS, safe sleeping practices and bereavement services; and implementing appropriate research in an effort to reduce the infant mortality rate. We envision a future where no parent faces the tragic, unexpected loss of a child to SIDS.

The Nebraska SIDS Project was established in 1979 and administrated by the Visiting Nurse Association of Omaha. In 1985, Nebraska SIDS Foundation was founded and assumed responsibility for the program. As a 501(c)(3) organization, all funding for support services and public awareness initiatives is generated through grants and donations.

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