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“Crib is Right”


Infants who sleep in adult beds face a 40 times greater risk of SIDS. Despite this knowledge, the number of babies dying in adult beds is on the rise in Nebraska.

Adults should never bed-share (in beds, couches or chairs) with infants. On his/her back in a safe crib or bassinet is the best place for a sleeping baby. As you lay your baby down to sleep, just remember, “Good night. Sleep tight. Crib is right.”

Our statewide “Crib is Right” campaign is to increase awareness about the hazardous sleep practices and put a stop to bed-sharing deaths.

To request materials to help you promote “Crib is Right,” or if you are interested in sponsoring this campaign, please contact us at or 402.935.1911.


To financially support this campaign, please visit our donation page.

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