Questions to Ask Your Child Care Provider

There are so many things to remember as a new parent. Here is a suggested checklist of things to discuss with anyone who cares for your child:

  • Are you a state-licensed facility? (You can check with DHHS for a list of state licensed providers.)
  • Is everyone who will be caring for my child CPR certified?
  • What is your children-to-provider ratio? (Licensed providers in Nebraska should have at least one provider per four children. Unlicensed home providers may serve no more than four children.)
  • Does anyone at your facility smoke? No smoking around my child will be tolerated.
  • What is your plan in case of an emergency (fire, tornado, etc.)?
  • Is your continuing education about SIDS and safe sleep guidelines current?
  • I would like to make sure that my child is placed on his/her back in a crib that has no bumper pads, no blankets, and no stuffed animals during naptime. Do you have any questions about these rules?
  • What would a day be like for my child at your daycare facility?
  • Do you provide daily reports on what my child ate, when he/she slept, etc.?
  • Is every child at your daycare current on vaccinations?
  • Do you participate in a program where I can log on to a website and look in on my child?
  • What are your guidelines when dropping off and picking up my child?
  • What is your sick child policy?
  • What is your policy on administering medicine to children?
  • Please try to encourage supervised tummy time when my baby is awake so that his/her neck and arm muscles grow strong.

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